Sunday, August 20, 2006

British Airways -- Baggage Allowance

Passengers on British Airways should note that BA will be reducing the amount of luggage that passengers can take with them free of charge. To see the new policy, click here.

The policy, which becomes effective on October 11 of this year, includes a charge of GBP 120 for extra bags on long haul flights. These charges are reduced by 20% if you pay in advance on line.

Whenever companies begin to offer less service or want to charge more, I find the way they sugar coat the changes especially irritating. Here is their expanation:

British Airways is introducing changes to baggage policies to make them easier for passengers, reduce queues at the airport and to bring them in line with Department for Transport recommendations and requirements of the UK’s main airport operator, BAA.

And, just in case you were hoping for a free upgrade on your next BA flight, there is a new notice at the check-in desk that advises passengers looking for extra comfort to ask about an upgrade. This makes it very clear that BA is willing to upgrade -- but for a price.


suzy & todd said...

I remember flying home for Christmas from my semester in Scotland - with 2 huge overflowing duffels, crammed to the gills - and the man at the BA counter just smiled, told me I was over the limit, but let it slide. But that was about...10 years ago!

Anonymous said...

I can’t believe I didn’t read this blg before teaveling to Scotland late last month. Upon arriving in Glasgow from London Heathrow on a 10 day golfing vacation with seven other pals, BA coulen;t find our baggage. To make along story short, we arrived on a Friday, June 29th and our bags finally arrived Tuesday night, July 3rd. What made matters absoultely unacceptable is BA NEVER answerd my calls. I made over 50 calls to the baggage claim number I was given with my copy of the claim and all I heard was, “Due to the level of calls, we are unable to take your call. Please call back”! Their web site was even worse. Not once, was the site updated even when our bags were finally delivered, 5 days later!
To not answer the phone is unacceptable customer service. BA obvioulsy doesn’t care. This is one of any reasons why the government should NEVER own anything!

Converesly, on my trip home to Los Angeles, American Airlines lost my golf clubs. The difference was each time I called I actually spoke to an American, in America who told me they dodn’t know where the bag was. It’s amazing how mush less angry I was when I at least got to speak to a human being! The bag did show up 3 days later!
I will try, at all costs, to NEVER fly BA again.

Kon5ad said...

To add two more entries here:
1. They first introduced this one bag policy on a saturday, and my wife flew zurich london on a friday to return on the sunday. Upon check in on sunday the conversation went something like:
BA: You have one bag over the limit, that will be GBP 60 pls.
Wife: But I brought the bag with me on friday and had no such issue.
BA: Well the rule was implemented yesterday.
Wife: Dont you tell people when you think of these new ideas of inconveniencing us?
BA: We did it was in the paper yesterday.
Wife: I dont read the paper to check for changes to my luggage allowance.
BA: Sorry.

No give she had to pay the money!

2. A freind came to visit in zurich from South Africa, via heathrow and BA managed to lose her bag. Long story short, she got the bag back precisely 6 1/2 weeks later in Cape Town after it had been to melbourne. Compensation from BA: A cute little emergency pack with a toothbrush and some slippers!

I recommend 2 things,

Anonymous said...

I would recommend buying some travel insurance for reimbursement of lost luggage. Try Alot of companies also included Bag Trak to help locate and deliver your luggage.

I have a transatlantic flight this weekend on BA. I hope I have better luck than other posters.

Kathryn said...

I want the passenger and the bags weighed together and a fairer allowance. With my allowance of 20 kilos, I still weigh less than the average passenger and I object to paying excess baggage when I am propbably the lightest person on the aircraft. Anyone agree