Sunday, May 28, 2006

Domaine de Baumard, Quarts de Chaumes, 2001

I love sweet wines, and some of my favorites come from the Loire Valley. Made with the Chenin Blanc grape, Domaine de Baumard Quarts de Chaumes (2001) is an outstanding example of just how wonderful these wines can be.

It is relatively dark in color for a relatively young wine. The taste combines honey, caramel, toffee, orange, and other exotic tropical fruits. Don't think of this as a sickly sweet wine because the intense fruit and sweetness is balanced by high acidity.

This wine would be the perfect companion to foie gras. Although $30.00 is quite a lot of money for a half bottle, compared to sweet wines of equivalent quality from Sauternes, Germany, or Niagara, the Domaine de Baumard Quarts de Chaumes is a relative bargain.

Although this wine definitely tasted more mature than I expected, there is no reason that this wine should not drink well for fifteen or more years.

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