Saturday, November 05, 2005


I just came back from a trip to Orlando. I stayed at the Coronado Springs resort, which is part of Disney property. What a horrid place it is! They put me in a smoking room, and the room had this awful smell -- mold and tobacco mixed together.

As I sat in the dreary room I decided that hotels actually rate themselves. They should not be measured by stars but by bottles. Walk into the bathroom of any hotel and they tell you exactly where they stand. The lowest category of hotels provide one bottle -- shampoo. Go up the scale and the two-bottle hotels give you conditioner as well. The three bottle hotel gives you lotion. Four-bottle hotels give you body wash. And, if you stay at the Ritz Carlton, you get mouth wash as well.

Nobody really cares about the bottles, but they serve as a useful statement. They tell you so much about the rest of the hotel!

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