Sunday, November 06, 2005

Powers Syrah 2000, Washington State

Powers Syrah 2000, Columbia Valley, Washington State

When I want to buy a wine at a low price, I find that the wines from Washington rarely disappoint. There seem to be so many that cost less than $20, and I was especially excited to find the Powers. Somehow, Syrah seems to be perhaps the most exciting grape to use in American wines these days. It is often well made, and an interesting departure from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

When I opened the bottle, the smell seemed almost overpowering (forgive the pun!). This wine is relatively high in alcohol (13.9%), and you get wafts of alcohol as you swirl it in the glass and sniff it. I only paid about $10 for it, and I was not expecting that much, but I really enjoyed the big fruit. We had it with Stilton, and after a bit of Stilton, it tasted almost sweet – reminding me of Port.

I had never heard of this wine before, but I recommend it. It is different. It has some interesting complexity – that sort of tar and leathery taste that you find in some of the Rhone reds. Delicious!

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