Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flying Economy on Transatlantic Routes -- Free Drinks?

Almost all American carriers charge for drinks these days in economy, and this list is the beginning of a resource to keep track of who does what on the transatlantic routes.

I could really use help keeping this list up to date. Please comment with any new information.
  • AerLingus Charge for all drinks
  • Air Canada All drinks free
  • Air France All drinks free
  • Alitalia All drinks free
  • BMI All drinks free
  • British Airways All drinks free
  • Continental All drinks $5.00
  • Delta All drinks $5.00
  • Emirates All drinks free
  • Finnair Free wine and beer; charge for spirits
  • Iberia Free wine and beer; charge for spirits
  • Icelandair Charge for all drinks
  • KLM All drinks free
  • Lufthansa All drinks free
  • Northwest All drinks free (The only American carrier with free drinks)
  • Olympic All drinks free
  • SAS All drinks free
  • Singapore Airlines All drinks free (Flies from JFK to FRA)
  • United All drinks $5.00
  • USAirways All drinks $5.00
  • Virgin Atlantic All drinks free


Anonymous said...

I am planning a trip to egypt and understand that EgyptAir is a dry plane. I'd like someone to reconfirm that...

Moyey said...

No. I think drinks are served on EgyptAir.

Anonymous said...

According to information on the 'net. Egypt air does not serve alcoholic drinks.