Sunday, March 12, 2006

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, West Chester, PA

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant
3 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Telephone: 610 738 9600

I stumbled across this restaurant and brewery in West Chester, Pennsylvania. All the beers are made on site, and they are good -- really good! I had the sampler, where they put ten 4-ounce glasses in front of you and tell you about each of them in great and wonderful detail.

The beer included a British style brew called Anvil Ale, which was outstanding. There was also a Raspberry Wheat that was exceptional. I don't usually like Porter very much, but loved their Pig Iron Porter. The range includes American, German, Belgian, and English style beers. (I will always drink an American beer brewed in the English style rather than an import. They are fresher, and England tends to export its less interesting beers, such as Bass Ale.)

We were not especially hungry but had some terrific hummus and scallops wrapped in bacon, which were on the appetizer list.

I wish I had had more time, but I got the sense that if we had stayed a little longer I would have completely fallen in love with this place.
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