Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lufthansa -- Business Class Amenity Kits

The entire contents of Lufthansa's Business Class amenity kit is shown here.

Eyemask, toothbrush, refreshment towel, toothpaste, socks, and the bag itself on the right.

One of the benefits of traveling business class is the amenity kit that you receive when you fly. These kits vary considerably in quality, and frequently the most valuable item is the bag used to contain all the goodies. I usually travel with a lot of small pieces of electronic equipment, and I find these bags can be useful travel accessories to hold things such as your mobile phone and its charger.

A good amenity kit for business class passengers is very obvously not a priority for Lufthansa. The bag is a light nylon/muslin bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, an eyemask, and a refreshment towel. This is a shame especially because my favorite business class amenity kit is from a Lufthansa trip that I took in 1998!

Not surprisingly, the best amenity kits come from the usual suspects -- Singapore Airlines (SQ), Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways. Sometimes, airlines have a brand theme surrounding their kits. For example, I recently received a very nice Bulgari kit during a First Class flight on Singapore Airlines, and a Clarins kit when I flew First Class on Lufthansa.

Virgin gives you a better goodie bag in economy!

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suzy & todd said...

Todd and I still have the bags we got from flying Cathay Pacific's economy class! And the eye covers that came with it are always packed when we have to fly a red-eye!