Saturday, January 28, 2006

R & H Lamotte, Brut Rose NV Champagne

This evening was my first evening in Cairo, and Dr. A invited me over to his apartment for a light supper and wine -- the "light" supper consisted of smoked salmon, olives, a bloc of foie gras and other goodies. We had the Lamotte champagne with the smoked salmon and finished the evening with the foie gras that we washed down with an astounding Trockenbeerenauslese, which I will write about in another posting. I had never heard of Lamotte, which Dr. A had bought at the duty free shop in Athens, but apparently Francois Lamotte was a magistrate from Reims who founded Lanson in 1760. And poking around with Google seems to suggest that Greece is the only place you can buy Lamotte champagne.

Dr. A said that he had tried their regular champagne and he liked it more than the Brut Rose, but we both ageed that it was excellent anyway. In some ways, it reminded us of a Burgundy -- it must be pretty much 100% Pinot Noir. Its taste was reminiscent of stawberries and the tiny bead-like bubbles suggested cream! By the end of the bottle, we agreed that this was stawberries and cream in liquid form!

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suzy & todd said...

Cairo! This is a city I've always wanted to visit... Can I live vicariously through you for a couple more posts? -T