Thursday, January 19, 2006

Peter's Inn, Baltimore, Maryland

Peter's Inn
504 South Ann Street
Baltimore, Maryland
410 675-7313

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Please note that Peter's Inn is closed on Mondays.

For the second time in as many days, I had a terrific meal in Baltimore. This evening I met my friend, Mr. T and we went to Peter's Inn in the Fells Point district of Baltimore. Peter's Inn looks like just a little neighborhood bar, but it has always intrigued me because, according to the Zagat guide, it has one of the highest ratings for food in Baltimore.

In the past, I have been to Peter's Inn on the weekend, and it has been rather crowded, but tonight we walked in at about 7:30 and we were actually able to pick a table. Mr. T had a starter of "bar-b-que shrimp and cheese grits with mango-chipotle bar-b-que," which looked wonderful. I decided not to have a starter and began my meal with the fresh and nicely dressed house salad -- good crisp lettuce!

For my main course, I had "beet crusted day boat scallops with bacon beurre blanc, black lentils and diced roasted beets." This dish (about $21) is really tasty. Bacon complements scallops wonderfully. This dish is rather clever because there are so many different contrasting flavors that go really well together. Mr. T picked the Filet Mignon ($25), which he ordered very rare -- I have had that before, and it really is one of the better steaks I have had in Baltimore. I was also tempted by the tuna tartare, but I am sticking to a resolution to eat less and exercise more! All of the main courses include salad and a thick slice of garlic/parsley bread.

The wine list was mostly good and relatively interesting. I wondered whether we should drink a steen (Chenin Blanc) from South Africa, but, in the end we had a very good Oregon Pinot Noir ($35), whose name, I am afraid to say, I left in the restaurant!

When we asked about dessert, we were told rather abruptly that there was "Nothing!" I found that rather funny so we settled for a somewhat second-rate coffee.

This is a very good and friendly neighborhood restaurant. I have on occasion popped in for a drink at the bar and an appetizer, but it really is worth staying for the full dinner. Another great restaurant in Baltimore! (Peter's Inn does not take reservations.)


Superchou said...

it has been a while since i have been there, my ex used to take me there alot about 7-8 years ago or so and it is easily one of the best and most memorable meals i have had here. does she still make that incredible salad?

btw, thanks so much for your kind words :)

Moyey said...

The salad was very nice -- well dress lettuce leaf, but I don't remember it being incredible. Someone told me that it has changed hands in the last few years so perhaps the menu changed with it.