Thursday, February 09, 2006

Le Bistro, Cairo

I had a good meal at this little French restaurant in Cairo. My main course was the Tournedos ($6.00), which I ordered very rare. It was smothered with a good peppery sauce. The garlic potatoes were very tasty too.

For dessert, we had good profiteroles.

The wine was the rather mediocre Egyptian Omar Khayam, which was about $11 for the bottle.

This is a good and economical restaurant just off the Corniche in central Cairo. Funnily enough, the Egyptian staff did not speak any English as they do in most Cairo restaurants, and all business had to be conducted in French.

Everything about this restaurant is blue including the lighting, which makes everyone look a little strange. The Tournedos was the most expensive dish on the menu, which starts at about $4.00 for chicken. Recommended.


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether you'll be having an Egyptian dinner in a good restaurant?

Moyey said...

Actually I have had a couple of very good Egyptian dinners. I will try to post my thoughts about them in the next few days. I didn't make a note of the name of one of them so I will have to poke around a bit to try and pull all the details together.