Saturday, June 10, 2006

Airline Wine Report: Singapore Airlines First Class (SQ) scores 280!

I originally posted this with a silly mistake in the total. A kind reader corrected me. The revised score of 280 positions Singapore Airlines equal in first place to Cathay Pacific.

The following report is based on a flight SQ25 from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt (FRA) which I took on December 7, 2005. Comments on this flight can be found by clicking here.

Again, I am applying the same approach that I described in my earlier post. (Click here to see the approach.)

Champagne: Krug Grande Cuvee $140
White Wine: Joseph Drouhin, Meursault, 2000 $30
Red Wine: Cos d'Estournel, 1998 $60
Dessert wine: Warre's Twenty Year Old Tawny. $50


Singapore Airlines, which is often regarded as the "gold standard" for a First Class airline product scores a very good 280 This is oustanding, and it places SQ in first place equaling Cathay Pacific's score.

I really appreciated being offered Dom Perignon and Krug on this flight and enjoyed tasting them side by side. I concluded that I much prefer the Krug.


Anonymous said...

140+30+60+50=280 no?

Moyey said...

You are absolutely right! Sorry about the silly mistake.

That makes Singapore the equal of Cathay Pacific -- neck and neck leaders.

Thank you for pointing that out.


robin chua said...

I fly often from singapore to jakarta and they serve krug on their short flights too. I tasted the krug 04 and the krug nv at the same time.....i even ask the air somm to do a short wine tasting lesson too.... its a pity that they THROW any unfinished bottles! Very sad....