Sunday, June 18, 2006

Le Mannequin Pis, Olney, MD

Le Mannequin Pis
18064 Georgia Avenue
Olney, MD 20832

301 570 4800

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Don't be put off by this dreary strip mall on the intersection of Georgia Avenua and Route 108. The front of this restaurant does not look like much, but, in many ways, this is the closest you can get to a real European restaurant in the Washington, DC area. Perhaps it is the combination of wonderdul food with something of a "take it or leave it" attitude, but once you are inside this restaurant you feel transported to another world.

It specializes in Mussels, which are cooked in 16 different ways plus a special of the evening. You get a kilo of them, and they are accompanied by delicious frites ($16.95). (The menu reminds you not to even ask for any substitutions.) For my main course, I had a delicious beef stew braised in Belgian beers with another order of the frites (($17.95). The others both had steak, which was also excellent (and served with frites!) The specials offered more adventurous food than we ate (skate, bison, etc).

An amazing finale was the pot au chocolat, which all three of us shared. It was dense, dark, rich Belgian chocolate, and totally magnificent.

We did not have wine, but chose terrific Belgian beers from their long list. (Alas, they do not have a draft beer).

The menu announces that they do not aim to cater for vegetarians or children although we did see some happy looking children here. They also say that they do not allow people to use cell phones in the restaurant. And another note in the restaurant apologizes for the high prices of drink, which they blame on Montgomery County.

This is a lovely restaurant. Highly recommended. The bill without tip for three including an orangina and three beers was $113.


Lizzie said...

I will definitely have to check this place out when I get back. I worked at a restaurant specializing in mussels in New Zealand and became hooked. I've yet to find any as delicious since (that was about 5 years ago), but that doesn't mean I've stopped looking! Looking forward to trying this place.

Moyey said...

I don't know if you live in DC, but this is one restaurant which makes it worth driving out to the 'burbs.

Enjoy Cairo! I envy you. I just love Cairo.


suzy & todd said...

todd and I ate here when we were staying with my sister in Germantown 2 winters ago...we still talk about having to get back there! good review! (actually, i was surprising todd for valentine's day, and when we pulled up, he thought i was taking him to a strip mall chinese restaurant;)!)


Moyey said...

It would be a good place for an Accelera alumni party! BTW, we are all meeting at the Austin Grill in Baltimore this Friday!


Moyey said...


It is so funny that we have been to so many of the same places. Is it coincidence; do we have the same taste; or do we spend most of our lives in restaurants? Or all of the above?

suzy & todd said...

i guess we're all just food lovers...we seek out online reviews and are always looking for a new place to try! Like you said, about after having your very first amazing wine experience, we're always seeking out the next great food high!