Saturday, June 10, 2006

Airline Wine Report : United First Class scores 116

The top wines served on a flight UA925 from London (LHR) to Washington (IAD) in February 2006 in United's First Class cabin included:
  • Champagne Deutz Brut, 1998 $49
  • White Wine Chateau de Davenay, Montagny, 2003 $25
  • Red Wine Bouchard Pere & Fils, Monthelie, 2002 $25
  • Dessert Wine Sandema's Founders Reserve Port $17

Note that the prices are my best guess as to their U.S. retail value. (Corrections are welcome. They are used to derive a score to help travelers figure out how seriously airlines are taking wine in the premium cabins.

Interestingly, United had almost a tradition of serving Dom Perignon in First Class back in the "good old days." Also, it was interesting to see that there was no red Bordeaux on this wine list. Almost evert First Class product offers a red Bordeaux as one of the options.

Using the same analysis Cathay Pacific, scored 280, and Virgin Atlantic Upper Class scored 82.

My method is provided on the link below:

Scoring Airlines for their wines in First and Business Class

And my report on Virgin is here.

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Anonymous said...

I travelled on this flight on February 2nd 2006. From reading my journal, I made a comment about the excellent Chateaud de Davenay Montagny wine. If anything, you have underscored this offereing.