Saturday, June 10, 2006

Airline Wine Report : United Business scores 85

This report uses the approach to scoring airline wine service described here.

A more complete description of this flight can be found by clicking

These were the leading wines served on Flight UA925 from London (LHR) to Washington (IAD) on February 12, 2006.

  • Champagne: Duval Leroy NV $30
  • White wine: Laboure Roi, Chablis (Vintage not written on menu) $15
  • Red Wine: Chateau Lalande, 2002 $23
  • Dessert wine: Sandemans Founder's Reserve $17
  • Total Score: 85

This is in line with the score given to Virgin Atlantic, which got 82 for its Upper Class product. I had some difficulty figuring out the price on the Lalande, which I disliked. Also, the Chablis (delicious) was hard to price.

On this flight, I really did not like the Lalande very much, and find its description very strange:

"Bordeaux remains the emblem for elegant red wine and finesse is its hallmark. The 2002 vintage is a far better example of that ability than the more famous 2000 and 2003 vintages, and Chateau Lalande has crafted a powerful but stylish wine."

Despite the higher score, I think the wine esperience on Virgin would have been a better one because I think the wines seemed more cleverly and imaginatively chosen. It just shows the limitation of numerical scores!

Also, compare the scores with Singapore Airlines, which got 121 for its Business Class product.


Cloud9 said...

Hey Moyey
I was happy to find your blog about wine on airlines. I'm a Masters student researching airlines, and just started an airlines blog. My most recent entry is about your blog.

Just Me said...

Hey Moyey,
What do you think about Chilean Wine? do you taste?
Your blog I found it in the internet.
I wrote from Chile

Moyey said...

I love Chilean wine, and I had a delicious bottle only last week! Unfortunately, I have only limited time to write reviews so I did not put one up.

I will try to review a Chilean wine in the next few weeks.

Thank you for visiting my blog -- all the way from Chile.