Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cafe de La Flor, Tijuana, Mexico

Coffee at Cafe de la Flor -- This is what a cup of coffee should look like!

Cafe de la Flor

69 Avenida Sonora,Tijuana, Mexico

There are not many things that I get upset about, but coffee is one of them. First, consider what coffee is not. Coffee should never be lightly flavored hot milk covered with cinnamon even if you do call that cappuccino. Coffee should not be flavored with silly extracts of artificial flavors like almonds. Increasingly, cafes simply do not get it! Coffee also should come in ceramic cups.

End of diatribe!

One place that really does get it is the delightful Cafe de La Flor in Tijuana. In a nice little neighborhood, round the corner from Tijuana's Grand Hotel, this little cafe offers all meals and an array of delicious cakes.

I had a wonderful cooked-to-order breakfast here accompanied by one of the best coffees I have had in my life. The price for the full breakfast and the coffee was about $6.00.

It seems a pity that you have to Cairo or Tijuana to get a decent coffee!

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