Saturday, April 08, 2006

Las Rocas de San Alejandro, Garnacha, 2004, Calatayud

This wine is a serious bargain -- I recently bought a case of it for $6.99 a bottle at the Kings Contrivance Liquor Store in Columbia, Maryland.

(For the address of the
Kings Contrivance Liquor Store, follow this link; for a Google map, click here

I think it was on sale for the month of March, and I noticed yesterday that it was priced at $8.49 this morning, but you will always get a discount if you buy a case, and they also give discounts on Tuesdays. And, at any price under $10, this wine offers exceptional value for the money. It tastes far more expensive than this.

From the Calatayud area in Aragon (Spain), Las Rocas is made of 100% Garnacha (known as Grenache in France). This wine is bursting with rich flavors and has the all the characteristic typical flavors of Grenache. If you do not know what wine writers mean by "peppery spiciness" in wine, drink this wine, and the idea will become very clear indeed. It has a deep color, and although it is definitely one of those "in your face" wines, it has a complexity -- some aniseed or possibly liquorice. The alcohol level is, not surprisingly, high at 14.5%. A nice long lingering finish!

Very highly recommended indeed. If you live in the Columbia area, you will not regret making a point of getting some of this wine.

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