Sunday, April 23, 2006

Don't Attack Iran

I resolved with this blog to restrict my thoughts to food, wine, and travel. As the country seems as if it is heading in the direction of another disaster, I think it is important that we stand up and just say no.

It is important for the country to learn from the mistakes it has already made. It would be a disaster to attack Iran!

Please sign the petition at


suzy & todd said...

Hey there, link didn't get me there, but to - but i sorted out it was meant to be i don't mind some politics with my wine and travel. It's all connected, right?

Moyey said...

Thank you for noticing, Suzy. It's fixed now.


Anonymous said...

Yes -- it is all connected, isn't it!

The world is becoming such a sad place.

I added me name to the petition, by the way.

suzy & todd said...

Political wine labels (link)