Friday, April 14, 2006

Los Arcos, Tijuana, Mexico

Los Arcos
Salinas Blvd., at the corner of Escuadron 201 Ave. in Colonia Aviacion

Telephone : 01152-664-686-4745

This is a lively restaurant with a very attentive staff. In the evening, there was a pleasant Mexican band playing Mexican and other music (The Beatles!)

When you arrive, they put caramelized onions and peppers on the table. For my first course, I had ceviche ($9.00). Mrs. Moyey and the young Moyey shared an avocado stuffed with shrimps ($8.00). We were most grateful to the waiter, who advised them to shared the dish. This was good advice as it turned out to be enormous.

I had carne asada ($13.00) because I am a big fan of Mexican beef, but I really should have had seafood although the carne was great -- it's just that Los Arcos specializes in seafood. Iran and Hannah were both pleased with their salmon ($12.00) although we decided later that local seafood would have been a better choice.

We drank Bohemia beer ($3.00), and the young Moyey had a non-alcoholic cocktail ($2.80).

This is a very pleasant restaurant, and I would probably go back. But next time, I would stick to seafood. It also seems to be off the normal tourist track, and most of the other customers were Mexicans. It was within easy walking distance of The Grand Hotel.

"Los Arcos" has other branches all over Mexico, including:

La Mesa - 4200 Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Blvd
454 Calafia Street
Blvd. Xicotícatl & Lago de Cuitzeo
4539 Calzada Lazaro Cardenas
5050 Ave. Acueducto, Suc. Acueducto
2220 16 de Septiembre
Ave. Camarón-Sábalo

Mexico City
330 Torcuato Tasso, Polanco
Mexico City
215 San Jeronimo Ave, Pedregal
Mexico City
104 Suarsal Niza Liverpool
244 Ignacio

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