Saturday, April 08, 2006

Riedel to the Rescue

Riedel Glass and its Container

No honest person would ever deny that they have watched an entire production of Hamlet without daydreaming just a little during one of the soliloquies. Anyway, when I was recently watching an (excellent) production of Hamlet at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland, I could not help thinking that when Hamlet was talking about the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," he was undoubtedly thinking about the last time he flew economy on United Airlines and had to drink wine out of a plastic container. Fortunately, as Prince of Denmark, Hamlet probably usually flies on SAS, which uses real glass and gives free drinks.

Unfortunately, all but the very rich have to put up with this indignity at one time or another, but I have a solution that really works. I bought a Riedel glass from Wegman’s. It came in a handy tube so that it is protected while in my bag. At the crucial moment, I ask the flight attendant if I may use my own glass rather than the airline’s. They are always delighted to oblige! Serious problem solved!

My next step is to line the container with velvet to make sure it provides better protection for the glass.

As for the glass, I love the glasses that Riedel makes, and I am impressed that you can even buy them in Target now although I have seen this particular model only at Wegman's.

To know more about an airline's policy on free drinks on its transatlantic routes, click here.

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